Reach your full potential with comfortable modular furniture, functional spaces, and the creative flow of ideas

Transforming spaces

Modular furniture for functional offices

How does creativity flow in your company? Are you achieving the expected productivity?

If you are looking for better results, optimizing your environment will give you what you need. At HT Inspires, we are modular furniture distributors, dedicated to the design of workspaces based on four basic elements: functionality, ergonomics, comfort, and aesthetics.

How your employees perform their tasks is directly related to the work environment and tools. Therefore, it is important that people feel comfortable so that their ability to concentrate increases considerably.

Reach your full potential

Discovering the possibilities of your space

With our design expertise, we positively impact companies and institutions where we leave a spark of inspiration. Before we restructure a place, we do our research and plan how to make sure we get the perfect flow of personnel.

If you are looking for first-class office furniture, you can count on HT Inspires as a Herman Miller authorized dealer in Tijuana, Baja California, and northern Mexico. We provide personalized advice, adapt to your needs, and go beyond your expectations. A modern office deserves to reach its full potential, and we have the solution.

Industrial furniture

A complete solution to optimizing your work areas. Interior design, ambience, details, research, and modern furniture for office. What do you need? We are your perfect match!


Furniture for architects

Expand your knowledge and create innovative proposals inspired by our products with our furniture advice for architects. Looking for innovation and a unique hallmark? Join the community.


Home office

Create an ergonomic workspace with our office furniture specialists and let the energy flow creatively. Do you want to focus on your well-being? Get to know the solution.

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We prioritize well-being and create innovative solutions through design to inspire the best in your company

Design and wellness

Over 30 years of design experience

As professionals committed to interior design, we offer companies, architects, and individuals our knowledge and tools to enhance the productivity, well-being, and ergonomics of people. We adapt the environment to your needs, allowing you to obtain the functional and aesthetic results you deserve.

Creating spaces

We put our soul and energy to create environments keeping in mind the essence of your company or workplace. Everything is important: people, furniture, technology, sounds, lighting, and diversity.

Increasing your potential

Learn and work in a totally comfortable place, using all the potential you can offer to your collaborators and their work style.

Encouraging you to grow

At HT Inspires we design, coordinate, and help you inspire joy with your new space, increasing your people’s well-being and productivity.

Inspiring the best

Official Herman Miller and Knoll distributor

We believe quality is the most important attribute to provide a satisfactory service. That’s why we partnered with MillerKnoll, a collective of leading brands in office furniture solutions, home office chairs, and home furnishings. Their finishes, efficiency, and performance provide an experience tailored to your needs.

In addition, their many furniture options allow us to acclimate any space in the business, industrial, health, education, or government sectors. We create and plan with one goal in mind: your comfort.

HT Inspires the Best

Get inspired by our most recent projects:

Inspiring innovation

We have the solution for your workspace, home, or office, always innovating with creativity.

Project management

We design your space but also got your back delivering and installing furniture, providing warranty service and assistance.

Shared knowledge

Each project is different; therefore, we help our clients understand their spaces, adapting modular furniture and design perfectly to their needs.

At HT Inspires, we are inspired by current trends to create unique spaces and design a new way of working