We provide furniture advice for architects, bringing you closer to innovative products and a worldwide network of design leaders

Smart proposals

Learning about the possibilities of space

At HT Inspires, we provide furniture advice for architects in order to expand knowledge and create innovative proposals. We know that architecture is a profession that brings countless satisfactions; however, it also brings great challenges.

With our extensive expertise in furniture and design, we look forward to establishing a close relationship with the community of architects, showing the possibilities of space thanks to advanced tools, autoCAD training, and modular furniture from the world’s leading designers.

Suppliers for architects

Access to the leading furniture network

Did you know that we are the only Herman Miller authorized dealer on the northern border of the country? By being part of this network of leading designers, we have access to the entire catalog of ergonomic products such as chairs, desks, tables, workstations, rugs, and accessories.

We also have the necessary extensions to work with MillerKnoll furniture in 3D models to present to the client, providing a more stylized and professional image for any type of project. In this sense, we offer the following services as suppliers for architects of modular furniture in Mexico:

Get inspired by the knowledge of experts in furniture, space design, and creativity

Sharing knowledge

Innovating with successful tools

How do you present your ideas to clients? When you work on a project, you surely put all your effort to achieve perfect harmony in every detail.

With our MillerKnoll furniture catalog, it is possible to achieve elegant, comfortable, ergonomic, and quality-assured results, so that your 3D models show the ideal environment, always appropriate to the needs of your customers. We have a wide variety of products such as:

Develop your potential

Commitment to quality and innovation

HT Inspires is a company dedicated to the design of workspaces and the supply of office furniture. With 30 years of experience, we know the ins and outs of space design and how to achieve balance in business, industrial, or school projects.

With a vision of teamwork, we invite architects, interior designers, and landscape designers to collaborate in the transformation of spaces to promote the free flow of creativity. We have continuous training to boost the potential of the architectural firm or office, as well as unique tools that will bring the highest quality and detail to each project.


Creative community

Strengthening the relationship between architecture and design

In addition to furniture advice for architects, at HT Inspires we are dedicated to the setting of spaces with furniture from leading brands in design worldwide. Our office furniture solutions enhance the ambiance of each space in every way.

Therefore, we decided to share our extensive knowledge of modern furniture for office in order to strengthen the relationship between the community of architects and designers. In this way, we can go beyond expectations with avant-garde proposals that focus on what is important: people’s well-being.

Learn what you need to innovate in your architectural proposals with our specialized courses