Looking for a Herman Miller authorized dealer in Mexico? At HT Inspires we provide the best furniture available for your workspaces

We are HT Inspires

Design and transformation

We are dedicated to designing workspaces, as well as supplying the right furniture for your office needs. As a Herman Miller authorized dealer, we create areas that improve the performance of your collaborators.

Our office furniture specialists enhance both creativity and the active flow of ideas in the spaces where we work with modular furniture and home office chairs. Our inspiration is strengthened because we focus on the well-being of our people.

Authentic essence

Inspiration that transcends

HT Inspires has its roots in the family’s history. Hector Trujillo, CEO and founder of the company, grew up immersed in this world, as his father ran a furniture business when he was a child.

This idea grew until it became the complete and transcendent concept that represents us today. We align our objectives with your organizational culture, creating a solid team to make you feel confident during the process.

We thrive to

Create solutions through design, inspiring the best in people.

We look forward to

Become the best team of professionals in the industry, representing only leading, solid, and reliable brands to benefit our clients, keeping up with modern design trends.


At HT Inspires, we believe in each of our values

With them, we complement our services and provide the human quality you deserve.

Improve your company's performance and make your employees feel comfortable doing their job


Guaranteed quality

Over 30 years designing spaces

We collaborate with you using all our design knowledge so that together we reach the maximum potential of your spaces, elevating them to the next level in presence and functionality.

Ranging from homes to offices and companies, we have worked for 15 years in northern Mexico as a Herman Miller authorized dealer, adding to our experience the most advanced modern furniture for office to bring you the innovative results you've been looking for.

Promoting creativity

We create a pleasant environment according to the essence of each project. Considering the energy of the space, we find the ideal balance to help people in your organization do great things.


Boosting potential

We understand your company's culture, priorities, and work style; that’s why we design spaces that increase the potential of your staff who work, live, and learn every day.

Warm & friendly service

We build long-term relationships with our clients, becoming allies and anticipating their needs, providing exceptional service.


Inspiring joy

We are motivated to inspire your organization, believing that every company's results flourish when they work in a comfortable, functional, and uniquely energetic place.

Calidad garantizada

Más de 30 años en el diseño de espacios

Colaboramos contigo utilizando todo nuestro conocimiento en diseño para que juntos alcancemos el máximo potencial de tus espacios, elevándolos al siguiente nivel en presencia y funcionalidad.
Desde el hogar hasta oficinas y corporativos, hemos trabajado durante 15 años en el norte de México como distribuidor Herman Miller, añadiendo a nuestra experiencia el mobiliario industrial más avanzado en confort para brindarte los resultados innovadores que has estado buscando.

Creemos en la creatividad

Creamos un entorno agradable de acuerdo con la esencia de cada proyecto. Considerando la energía del espacio, encontramos el balance ideal para ayudar a que las personas de tu organización realicen grandes cosas.

Impulsamos el potencial

Entendemos la cultura, prioridades y estilo de trabajo de tu empresa; así, diseñamos espacios que incrementen el potencial de tu personal que trabaja, vive y aprende diariamente.

Servicio cálido y amigable

Construimos relaciones a largo plazo con nuestros clientes, convirtiéndonos en aliados y anticipando sus necesidades, brindando un nivel de servicio excepcional.

Inspiramos alegría

Estamos motivados para inspirarnos en tu organización, creyendo que los resultados de cada empresa florecen cuando trabajan en un lugar cómodo, funcional y con energía única.

Solution facilitators

Accomplishing your goals

We are a team of professionals dedicated to designing workspaces and supplying office furniture solutions. We have over 30 years of experience in the office furniture industry and 15 years as official distributors of the Herman Miller brand, creating ergonomic and functional spaces.

Let’s plan your space

Versatility for your needs

We are committed to using our design expertise to help people work and live better, delivering extraordinary results for you and your organization. We have a comprehensive service that will allow you to achieve your goals no matter what type of remodeling or ambiance you have in mind.

Based in Tijuana, Baja California, we have also worked with several companies and institutions in Baja California Sur, Sonora, Chihuahua, and other areas in the north of the country. We are able to go beyond our clients’ expectations due to our commitment and extensive knowledge.

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We provide follow-up and advice at all times, with comprehensive and personalized attention in every project