Bring your workspace to life and increase staff productivity with our modern furniture for office and interior design for businesses

Space design and decoration

Inspiration to get ideas flowing

Do you want to improve your company’s image and get better results at the same time?

At HT Inspires, we provide the highest quality modern furniture for office solutions for companies that seek to prioritize the well-being of their personnel, allowing creativity and ideas to flow freely.

We are also dedicated to setting spaces so all areas of a company reach their aesthetic potential. It’s well known that productivity increases when an employee works in a comfortable area, so the optimization of space should always be a priority.

Official Herman Miller and Knoll distributor

Transforming the work environment

With over 30 years in the design field, we offer custom solutions thanks to our knowledge, diligence, and attention to detail. In addition, we are official distributors of Miller Knoll, the world’s largest network of modular furniture.

Our approach seeks to meet the client’s needs appropriately, always providing an innovative and fresh touch that allows us to functionally and attractively adapt the following spaces:

Industrial project management

Achieve your goals by optimizing your space

At HT Inspires, we are design and comfort facilitators. With our office furniture solutions, we seek to optimize areas to have a positive impact on the staff.

If you are looking to meet the needs of your facilities and reach your company’s maximum potential, we help you evolve with the following integral solutions:


Boost staff morale and productivity with interior design and effective workspace ambience

Ergonomic furniture

Adaptability for corporate needs

A company is made up of numerous spaces where different activities are carried out. The energy of each place is different, so adding nuances to promote the best results is vital.

For this reason, at HT Inspires, we are dedicated to the setting of corporate spaces. We know the effect of the right modern furniture for office layout, so we maximize comfort for productivity and well-being. As a Herman Miller authorized dealer, our state-of-the-art furniture makes people feel focused on their tasks. Get to know our workflow:

Project start-up

We held a meeting to discuss the essence and objectives of the project.

Planning and verification

We plan the workflow and coordinate our teams to determine design, materials, finishes, and other specifications. We develop the final proposal.

Authorization and requisition

We present the proposal to the client and prepare for execution. We make the requisition of materials with MillerKnoll.

Development and shipping

We coordinate the time and workflow of teams. We receive the MillerKnoll furniture requested to carry out the project.


We coordinate the installation team to complete the project.


We provide customer service after project completion to follow up with warranties, recommendations, and additional support.

Added value for your company

Let’s increase your potential

Renew your workspace with modern, functional, and high-quality furniture. Thanks to office furniture specialists and our creative approach, we give a special touch to lifeless areas within an organization, turning them into places that bring great things.

It’s essential to recognize the value of your company and employees. At HT Inspires, we believe in the value of design to create environments with the perfect balance between harmony and dynamism. We also provide furniture advice for architects and distribute home office chairs, because we are committed to bringing out the potential of all people and their work environments.


Don't limit your company's growth; take it to the next level by optimally adapting your spaces