At HT Inspires, we offer office furniture solutions and workspaces, providing quality in every way

Inspiring environments

Workspace solutions

Increase the productivity of your collaborators and achieve the flow of ideas with HT Inspires. We design comfortable and functional work environments with the highest office furniture solutions. We are the Herman Miller authorized dealer in Tijuana and northern Mexico, so we make a positive impact on the way people work at home, in the office, or at school.

Our services are centered on our design experience, providing a custom plan for each project.

Industrial furniture

It has been proven that prioritizing people’s physical well-being increases productivity. That’s why we optimize companies’ workspaces to balance concentration, creativity, and comfort.

In addition, we use interior design, ambience, and modern furniture for office to achieve circulation and mobility to get the ideal flow of personnel, adapting every detail for your comfort.


Discover the needs of your facilities and reach the maximum potential with solutions such as:


Advice for architects

We create a close relationship with the community of architects to reinforce their acquired experience and achieve inspiring proposals with our wide range of furniture for offices, institutions, maquiladoras, and homes.

Our furniture advice for architects consists of seminars, courses, and workshops focused on boosting the potential of our collaborators with unique tools:

Home office furniture

Have you considered adapting your work environment? Our office furniture specialists create possibilities to make energy flow creatively in your own home.

We have home office chairs and furniture to add that special touch to your space. Discover what you can achieve by being comfortable in an environment that suits your needs.

We provide follow-up and advice at all times, with comprehensive and personalized attention in every project

Choose experience

Over 30 years designing workspaces

The working environment directly impacts the results of your staff. That’s why we’ve spent over three decades making spaces that reflect and support business goals.

We work with brands with perspectives that promote innovation and comfort. Our goal is to prioritize the well-being of people. Make it functional and comfortable for your collaborators with modular furniture without losing the essence that characterizes you and inspiring joy to work in a unique way.

Creation of spaces
We take your potential seriously

We are committed to your project

We firmly believe that our solutions are suitable for all types of projects. We generate comfortable and suitable environments for your collaborators based on research with our office furniture solutions. We plan and equip your facilities inspired by your project, following a detailed quality process.


Get your ideal space

Each project we design is adapted to different areas, using our experience to provide solutions that facilitate the life and work of your employees, generating extraordinary results for your organization.


Improve the health of your employees with ergonomic furniture to renovate the workspace